ワイヤレス子機スマホ携帯をBluetoothでリンク可能 ブラック×シルバー 1台で2回線を利用可能デジタルコードレスフォン盗聴がされ難く、クリアな音声通話が可能なDECT6.0方式採用デジタル留守電話機能付き電話機複数回線コード付き親機AT&T-家庭用電話機


象印 炊飯ジャー内なべ B405-6B

^ シルバー×ブラック
 ・ デジタル留守番電話機能
 ・ 子機は12台まで増設可能
 ・ 2回線対応

〇お支払いについて:お支払いはクレジットカード・銀行振込・代金引換・郵便振替、コンビニ、ATM振込み、ペイジー、モバイル決済がご利用いただけます。 ※クレジットカードのセキュリティはSSLというシステムを利用しております。 カード番号は暗号化されて安全に送信されますので、どうぞご安心ください。 〇配送について:ご注文確認(前払いの場合はご入金確認)から7営業日以内のご出荷をこころがけておりますが、万が一ご出荷が遅れる場合はメールでご連絡致します。^GOOD EXPRESSかKURATSUTL86109増設用子機 TL860092-line operationDial and receive calls on two different phone lines. Unsurpassed rangeExperience the best in long-range coverage and clarity, provided by a unique antenna design and advances in noise-filtering technology. Handset and base speakerphonesAllow you to speak and listen without holding the handset. This leaves your hands free to do other things and lets more people in on the conversation. Caller ID/call waiting—200 name and number caller ID historyHandset displays the name, number, time and date of incoming calls. Connect to cell features•Make and receive calls from your cellular plan while enjoying the comforts of a home phone system. By connecting to your mobile phone with BLUETOOTH® technology, this feature allows you to manage calls using either your cell or home phone, and offers expansion flexibility. •Download up to 6,000 cellular phonebook entries to the cordless handsets. •Once a Bluetooth® device is paired to the base, the base will automatically connect when the device is in range •Swap between cellular and home line calls •Distinctive ringer tones for home and cellular lines General features•Expandable up to 12 handsets •High-contrast backlit LCD and lighted keypad •Cordless and corded handsets •Line power mode •DECT 6.0 digital technology •Large tilt backlit base display •Intercom between handsets and base unit •Conference between an outside line and up to 4 cordless handsets •200 name and number phonebook directory •10 number speed dial •Headset compatible (2.5mm jack) •Compatible with AT&T cordless headset •Voicemail waiting indicator •Last 20 number redial •English/Spanish/French setup menu •Table-mountable •Mute •Any key answerDigital answering system features•14 minutes of digital recording on each line •Call screening •Call intercept •Remote access •Message retrieval from handset •Message time stamp